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Why we need a website?

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Why we need a website?

People will say because everyone has one. But that not actually an answer to the real world.

Before building the website you need to go through the following points:
1. What is you concept for the website.
2. What is your business?
3.Once you have figure out all the above you need to work start looking for the website similar to you business.
Try an go through every website and tyr to figure out what you need on your website (like content, services, etc).

Try to keep a note for all the things you notice so that when you are dont with those website you are good to go.
We asked you to note because when you are dont you dont get confused after visiting all those website.

After this you need to contact a company who develope websites.

There will a question in your mind that if you need to contact to a developement company then why we did all the work?
Thats a good question.

Here is your answer: The comapny will build a website for you but if you need your webste to be different than others/ unique
you need to tell them how you need your website to look like and that is your thought for your website.

All this will help your wbsite to be perfect, unique and according to your business.

You need to know the tranding design so that it can look more towareds the upmarket and to the future.

There are many websites that offer the themes from which you can choose:
1. wordpess
2. wix

Themes helps you define your business in a more efficient manner. The more attractive your theme more people will visit
and use your website.

important note: the themes should not be heavy because people dont preffer the site that takes too much time to load(i.e. theme should be efficient also).

Website should be resposive: It means that the website should be accessable with all the device currently available in the market.

Many framework provide that facility for that. One of the best and most popular framework is Bootstrap which make sure that
your website looks best in any device available in the market.

There are two different types of websites:
1. Static
2. Dynamic

Lets start with static:

Static website is easy to make. For example blogs website, informative website, etc. Static website do not change frequently
and do not have many functions.

The main purpose of static website is to provide information.

Maximum company website are mainly static the just provide the information about the comapny and what they do.

Now lets talk about dynamic website:

Dynamic websites are mainly for the online business purpose mainly for online shopping. These websites change daily
and there websites are used by many people.

Let take an example :

Flipkart in a online shopping website that sell the goods to the people.
SO there are many people using the website like: the user, the marchents.

The user: Users are using the website to buy the stuff.
Marchants: marchants are using the website to upload their products and their price.

It you have used flipkart you must have noticed that the website changes very frequently.

Hope you have understud the difference.

This will help you to choose which type of website you want to build (Static or Dynamic).

Ater you are done with you website you need to see what is SEO?

link for seo.

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