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Welcome Back!

Today we are going to talk about pure design part of the website.

We all want to develop the website of our own don’t know where to start?

But first, visit my blog on Website Design and development.

You are on the right page.

First, go and look for the various themes that are present in the market. One question arises where?
Let me help you below are the links to the websites with cool themes:

1. WordPress: https://wordpress.com/
2. Wix: http://www.wix.com/
3. Space square: https://www.squarespace.com/

These are the few of them you can search a lot of them.

Before going to visit this website I want you to have a notepad with you. Why? Good one.

Make a note of what you see.
Hope you have visited the websites and have some note and questions in your mind.

Hold on I will try to answer all your questions don’t worry.

Starting with what you have seen common in all the website.

1. You must have noticed a logo and name of the company/website. This represents you/your business. Many of you will think what difference a logo or a name can make. Let me tell you its really very much important that is the main attraction of your business.
Like whenever we see a logo a name strikes our mind like Apple, Pepsi, Google, Twitter.

The name should be such that it should be something that strikes and attracts the mind of the people.
So that the people become eager to know what you are up to.

So now you know why the logo and the name matter so much.

2. The second thing that you have noticed about the websites you have looked into is the navigation bar.
Navigation bar mainly contains home, about us, services, contact us, etc. depending on the type of website you are about to build.

Navigation bar plays an important role too. The links on the navigation bar define what services or the product you are providing to the user/people. It should cover the main aspect about what you are giving to the consumers.

Navigation bar should always be seen to the people visiting your website as it helps them to navigate easily through it.
If navigation bar is not fixed on your website as people scroll through your website then sometimes it becomes irritating to them and can cause to loss of customers that will affect your business.

There are many ways to place the navigation bar on your website:
1. Top of the website
2. On the left side of the website.

Sometimes the left-side nav bar can create a problem in the view because is cut off the content on your website
(*only my view).

3. The 3rd and the most important thing that you must have noticed is the Landing page of any website.
Landing page? good queue.
Let me explain the Landing page. The landing page is the first page that opens up when you open any website i.e the
very first page of any website.

The landing page should be very attractive to the users/peoples. It should be different and should attract the attention of the viewer. This gives you more and more users and that’s good for your business. More the users more the business expands. Because the mouth to mouth publicity of the business is the very best thing that your business can get.

How to make your landing page more attractive:
1. Always try the best and awesome animations as possible
2. Keep the landing page as much simple and clean as possible.
3. It should provide the best user experience.

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